The Rancho Cordova Parkway Interchange Project will include four phases of work beginning with the Preliminary Engineering/Environmental Approval phase, moving into Final Design and concluding with construction. It is estimated that the interchange will take two years to complete once construction begins. The project phases are:

Timeline 3-3-15-01

During the Preliminary Engineering/Environmental Approval Phase of the Parkway Interchange Project, the City and its consultant team looked at various types of interchange configurations and alignments to determine the most feasible design with regards to safety, traffic demand and right-of-way availability. The feasible alternative then moved into environmental review. Analysis began with eight conceptual interchange options for the project. Studies conducted have included survey and topographic mapping, geometric drawings, right-of-way and utility assessments, traffic operational analysis and a Project Study Report (PSR) as required by Caltrans. The PSR summarizes engineering data, schedule and financial information regarding the proposed interchange configurations.

Once Caltrans approved the PSR, the Project Team began work on Phase 2. Phase 2 included advancing the preliminary engineering and preparation of the engineering studies necessary to clarify potential environmental consequences resulting from the project. It also included completion of the administrative draft of the Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment (EIR/EA), which was circulated to the public for review and comments in Fall 2014. The final document will go before the City Council on March 16, 2015.

During Phase 1 and 2, the City initiated a collaborative outreach effort that has included inter-agency coordination, public participation and key stakeholder meetings. The City hosted a large Public Open House in July 2005 to gather initial input on the early concept options and invited the public to again provide valued input through a second large Public Open House held on June 7, 2007. During the formal review of the Draft EIR as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the public was asked to provide comments on the draft document for inclusion in the Final EIR/EA.

During the Design Phase of the Parkway Interchange Project, the City and its consultant team will develop the construction contract plans, specifications and estimate for the approved interchange that will include structures and roadway design, utility and environmental permit coordination, right of way acquisition, aesthetics and stage construction plans. The public will continue to have opportunity to engage and provide input on such elements as aesthetics and construction traffic management during Final Design.

It is anticipated that construction will take approximately two years. The targeted date for construction may vary depending on the availability of funds and identified environmental constraints. During construction of the Parkway Interchange Project, the City and its Construction Management Team will work diligently to minimize resultant impacts. The City will strive to keep the community informed of all construction-related activities through media and traffic alerts, flyers, letters, other construction notices and roadway signage.