What agency is responsible for the Project?

The City of Rancho Cordova is the lead agency. The County of Sacramento, Caltrans, and
the federal Bureau of Reclamation are also responsible agencies.

What is the Rancho Cordova Parkway Interchange?

The Rancho Cordova Parkway Interchange is a new interchange that will provide an additional connection to US Highway 50 from the south. The interchange will be located between Sunrise Boulevard and Hazel Avenue at the Mine Shaft Property.

When will construction of the interchange begin?

If approved construction could begin in 2016.

Why is the City of Rancho Cordova going to build a new US Highway 50 interchange?

The interchange is a response to approved development in Rancho Cordova and will provide traffic congestion relief for Sunrise Boulevard and local roadways as well as maintain the community’s quality of life. This project is just one component of a larger overall improvement plan to be implemented throughout the county in response to the region’s current and future growth.

How is the interchange going to be funded?

The interchange will be funded by private developers.

Will the interchange have vehicular connection with Tenderfoot Drive in the Gold River Community?

Absolutely not! The interchange is planned as a south-only connection, and would not include any roadway connections north of US 50 to the Gold River Community.

What can be expected during the construction phase of the interchange?

Construction is anticipated to last approximately 2.5 years. A description of construction activities, and an analysis of any potential impacts to environmental resources and adjacent communities will be provided in the environmental document that is slated for release in spring 2014.

How can I get involved?

The City of Rancho Cordova is committed to engaging the public and has provided project information through distribution of materials and presentations to large and small groups, hosted two community meetings and utilized the local and regional media to build awareness and receive valuable input into the planning process. Please watch the project website for future opportunities to participate and be sure to sign up to be on the contact database.

Why do we need this project?

Due to continued growth within the City’s planning area and the surrounding communities, the need to provide additional access to US-50 from the south, where points of access are currently limited, has grown. Several of these new developments are proposed within the vicinity of the proposed interchange. These new developments would create additional vehicle traffic in the immediate area and would add to existing congestion.

The existing street network in the project vicinity, and to the south of US-50, consists of twolane rural roads used primarily by commuters traveling between Elk Grove and the US-50 corridor. Sunrise Boulevard is the only route that provides direct access to US-50 from this area. Hazel Avenue terminates south of US-50 at the intersection of Folsom Boulevard and the west entrance to the Aerojet Corporation complex, thereby forcing traffic through the Sunrise Corridor to access this area.

What is the purpose of this project?

In response to existing deficiencies and anticipated future growth, the Rancho Cordova Parkway Interchange project is proposed to:

  • Ease congestion at the Sunrise Boulevard and Zinfandel Boulevard interchanges with Highway 50
  • Provide additional access to new growth in areas south of Highway 50
  • Improve the flow of traffic along Highway 50 between the Sunrise Boulevard and Hazel Avenue interchanges
  • Increase access to bikeways including the Folsom South Canal trail and provide access to transit services