The 50 Corridor Mobility Partnership has developed a listing of key projects throughout the Hwy 50 Corridor that will relieve traffic congestion. Their recommendations provide system-wide projects that will improve mobility as part of a regional solution.

Who is the Partnership?
The 50 Corridor Mobility Partnership is a cooperative effort by the County of Sacramento, City of Rancho Cordova, City of Folsom, and County of El Dorado, major private landowners (GenCorp, Elliott Homes, MJM Properties, LLC, and Carpenter Ranch). Participating in an advisory capacity are Caltrans, Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG), and Sacramento Regional Transit (RT).

Their plan was awarded a SACOG Salutes Planning Award in 2006 for their innovative approach. In addition, the Folsom and Rancho Cordova City Councils, El Dorado and Sacramento County Boards of Supervisors in 2006 all unanimously approved resolutions expressing support for the public-private planning effort. The Partnership’s study area is defined roughly by Bradshaw Road on the west, American River on the north, El Dorado Hills on the east, and Jackson Highway on the south.

Rancho Cordova Parkway Interchange
The Rancho Cordova Parkway Interchange project was identified as a key component of the Partnership’s regional solution for congestion relief. Its critical location has placed the Rancho Cordova Parkway Interchange on the short term list of projects. Below is the complete short term list of projects identified by the Partnership.

Long Term Projects
As the Sacramento region continues to grow, future development and traffic demands of our regional roadways must also be considered. In addition to the short term projects, they have also identified additional projects to be accomplished by 2030 that again would continue to provide a holistic solution to traffic congestion and improved transit service.

2030 Roadway Improvement Projects

  • Strong parallel roadway to US 50 Mainline
  • White Rock Road Improvements – widened to 6 lanes, Grant Line Road Interchange, expressway standards
  • Easton Valley Parkway – parallel capacity to US 50
  • Sunrise Boulevard – widened to 6 lanes
  • Hazel Avenue extension south to White Rock Road
  • Grant Line Road – widen 4 to 6 lanes, White Rock Road to Jackson Highway
  • International Drive, extend 6 lane road east to Rancho Cordova Parkway

2030 Transit Improvements

  • RT Gold Line, double track to Folsom
  • BRT along Rancho Cordova Parkway
  • Trunk Bus line, along EG-RC-ED Connector
  • Addition of local bus feeder service

More Information
More information about the 50 Corridor Mobility Partnerships can be found at