On Thursday evening, June 7, 2007, the City of Rancho Cordova held the second public open house for the Rancho Cordova Parkway Interchange Project with approximately 135 community members in attendance. Comments were recorded on topics such as alternative designs, access to public transit, bicycle/pedestrian access, noise and health concerns, and project process and guidelines.

Download Meeting Summary (364 KB pdf)

Comments from the meeting were recorded for the purpose of guiding the Project Team through the further refinement of alternatives and associated elements in order to bring forward into the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) process a feasible proposed alternative for further study. All recorded comments will be included in the EIR as an appendix. The Draft Environmental Document will be available for public review upon completion, followed by an extended 60 day public comment period. All comments submitted during the 60 day comment period will be included with a response in the Final EIR as mandated by CEQA.

The next step in the project will be to finalize the proposed alternative design. As the project progresses, the Project Team will complete the following steps:

  • Complete the Environmental Document
  • Obtain City of Rancho Cordova, County of Sacramento, Caltrans, and Bureau of Reclamation Approvals
  • Prepare construction documents
  • Select a contractor to build the project
  • Begin construction

The City of Rancho Cordova will continue its community involvement program through the implementation of a Community Advisory Committee and meetings with numerous stakeholders and community groups. If you would like a City representative to make a formal presentation to your group, please contact Kim Pallari, Public Outreach Project Manager, at 916-817-4849 or via e-mail at kim.pallari@hdrinc.com.